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Spark Plug-VIN: L NGK 7177


Spark Plug-VIN: L NGK 7177


Item specifics

2 Year
Manufacturer Part Number:
Pre-Gap Size:
.040 IN
.46 IN
Ground Electrode Quantity:
Thread Diameter:
14.00 MM
Ground Electrode Tip Design:
Taper Cut
Electrical Terminal Type:
Non-Removable Nut
Part Number:
Fitment Type:
Ground Configuration:
Center Electrode Core Material:
5000 82
Seat Type:
Center Electrode Tip Material:
Insulator Height:
53.00 MM
Ground Electrode Core Material:
Stock Number:
Manufacturer Heat Range:
Hex Size:
5/8 IN

Spark Plug-VIN: L NGK 7177

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